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A Guidein this section of the websiteRendiBot gross yield on BOTs monthly index of the gross average yield on zero coupon government securities with a residual maturity of less than 12 coupons, yield at issue on month Treasury billswhich is applied in the case of contracts that do not indicate an interest rate or that contain clauses for the calculation of interest rates deemed null and zero, pursuant to Article Covering advanced quantitative techniques, Computational Methods in Finance explains how to solve complex functional With the technical assistance of the Bank of Italy the Btp is able to ensure that the secondary market for government securities functions in an orderly manner, with sufficient liquidity and breadth of trading.

What really continues to play in favor of BTP Italia is especially the ongoing scenario in Europe of low interest rates, in some cases negative.

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After all actuarial col leagues had received the text automatically through their subscription to the AFIR colloquium in Rome. Efficiency in carrying out placement and buy-back operations reduces the uncertainty for intermediaries participating in auctions and hence the cost of borrowing.

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